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The debate on CERs (Renewable Energy Communities) has heated up in the last period, not only thanks to the interventions planned in the PNRR, but also to the need to give concrete answers to the ongoing energy emergency. The meeting that ForumVes proposes intends to help clarify this issue, providing the information necessary for an informed approach and (possibly) helping in choosing a possible membership. In this sense, privileged operators active in the sector have been invited, called to share operations, ideas and experiences in progress.


Stefano SorianiCER: characteristics, evolution, experience
Alessandro CalzavaraThe process of constitution of Energy Communities
Gabriella ChiellinoDesigning a CER in the municipal area
Paolo Dalla VecchiaInsula’s commitment to CERs
Vera ManentiA possible application in Porto Marghera
Laura MascinoCER as a community and territory project
Mattia MarettoApplication cases and best practices of CER


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