• CER – Renewable Energy Communities – 08.02.23
    The debate on CERs (Renewable Energy Communities) has heated up in the last period, not only thanks to the interventions planned in the PNRR, but also to the need to give concrete answers to the ongoing energy emergency. The meeting that ForumVes proposes intends to help clarify this issue, providing the information necessary for an […]
  • ForumVes meets Mestre Mia
    The ForumVes “Marghera Green&Blue” project was presented in Mestre Mia as part of a cycle of meetings for reflections and insights on the challenges for Mestre posed by the medium-term sustainable development objectives. The meeting, attended by Stefano Soriani and Alessandro Calzavara, was moderated by Andrea Biliotti of Mestre Mia, and was broadcast in live […]
  • Porto Marghera green&blue – event of 30.4.2022
    Saturday, 30 April 2022 at 1030 hours in Mestre, at the “sala seminariale” at the first floor of the Centro Candiani, the Forum for Sustainable Venice presents its project “Porto Marghera green&blue” to the public, which was already presented to the local press on 7 April. The event will be held in person, but live […]