Forum for Sustainable Venice

ForumVes is a committee that proposes itself as a space and process of critical and competent debate and discussion on projects and initiatives related to the Green Deal and the PNRR, as declined in the Venetian context, acting at the same time as an incubator of ideas and proposals. The Forum’s activity is open to all constructive contributions and acts as a partner for all those initiatives and subjects that animate the Venetian social and economic fabric and the debate on the city’s future.



  • Green energy: every euro invested pays back two

    Green energy: every euro invested pays back two

    Il presente articolo, riguardante il dibattito sulle CER avvenuto in data 8 febbraio 2023, è stato pubblicato originariamente nel giornale Gente Veneta in data 17 febbraio 2023. La riproduzione è stata gentilmente autorizzata. Every euro invested in a renewable energy community pays back two. A little bit of a guess, of course, but that’s not…

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  • Porto Marghera green&blue

    Use the arrows on the left and right margin on each image to go back or forward through the presentation (the presentation itself is currently available only in the Italian language) Venice Capital of Sustainability is a goal which is today more relevant than ever and represents a horizon on which the best intellectual and…

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  • Porto Marghera Project

    Nel Manifesto si scrive: “Porto Marghera, motore della crescita economica per decenni, emblema della difficile transizione postindustriale che, a partire dagli anni settanta e ottanta del secolo scorso, ha segnato l’evoluzione delle aree portuali e industriali, è oggi una sfida chiave per riuscire a saldare nuovi processi di crescita e sostenibilità ambientale e territoriale. Porto…

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  • Green Deal and PNRR

    This section aims to organise materials and documents related to the PNRR — Piano nazionale di ripresa e resilienza (National Plan for Recovery and Resilience) — at both, the national and local level, as well as comments. Institutional Materials The national document issued by the Parliament is available at a dedicated page about the PNRR…

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