Until now the following persons joined the Forum for Sustainable Venice, all in a strictly personal manner, without engaging in any way the enterprises, organisations or institutions where they work or carry out activities.

Giovanni Bertin Sociologist in the Department of Economics, Ca’ Foscari University Venice, he focuses on analysis and assessment of public policies, with particular reference on welfare and local community governance.

Andrea Bilotti He served as executive in firms operating both in the industrial and service sector. Today he works as a consultant in M&A and corporate finance. At civil level, he contributes to the activity of MestreMia cultural association, in particular dealing with sustainable development issues in collaboration with Ca’ Foscari Scientific Campus.

Sandro Bisello Chemical engineer, former technology responsible at Montefibre company and industrial site director in Porto Marghera. Technical director at Venice Newport Container and Logistics. Author of several publications about circular economy, rational use of energy, GNL and hydrogen.

Alessandro Calzavara Town planner, member of the Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica (INU), past president of ASSURB and trusted consultant of ANCI (Italian Municipalities Association), his work is focused on spatial and environmental planning, as well as on metropolitan governance.

Gabriella Chiellino Expert in environmental and energy management and assessment. President of the eAmbiente Group, scientific co-ordinator of events and programs, she teaches at various universities. Member of several companies’ boards of directors, also as the chair of their sustainability boards.

Roberto D’Agostino Architect and town planner. Former City of Venice councillor for town and strategic planning and president of the public company Arsenale di Venezia spa. He is the author of planning instruments in Italy and abroad (Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa).

Paolo Dalla Vecchia Lawyer authorised to practise before the court of cassation, he was president of the Dese-Sile land reclamation consortium, councillor for the environment of the Venice provincial administration and president of the Venice larger area waste and water management authorities. 

Piero Franzoi Ecologist at the Department of Natural Sciences, Statistics and Informatics of the Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. He is interested in ecology of aquatic environments, focusing on fishery, evaluation of the ecological status and habitat recovery in lagoon environments.

Markus Hedorfer Spatial planner, president of ASSURB and delegate to the European Council of Spatial Planners (ECTP-CEU), GIS expert, partner of the professional firm HESC spatial consulting based in Venice-Mestre. He focuses on regional planning, revitalisation of territories and inclusive planning.

Antonio Infante Former official of the Ministry of Finance and of the City of Venice. City and Province councillor, public health authority and Ca’ Foscari University councillor (all in Venice). Co-author of the “Taxpayer’s Guide” for the communes (with the newspaper “Il Sole 24 ore”, 2003).

Vera Manenti Environmental engineer with experience in the field of environmental clean-up of industrial sites as well as in the operational and financial planning of remediation interventions. Currently she co-ordinates the commercial activity, communication and marketing at the eAmbiente Group.

Michele Marzulli Sociologist, is a Researcher at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. He focuses on the processes of social innovation and the commons, the analysis of public policies, with specific regard to health services and local welfare systems.

Laura Mascino Architect, PhD, free professional, she taught Urban Design at the Milan Polytechnic University and is among the founders of the “Riabitare l’Italia” (Re-inhabit Italy) research project. She focuses on urban renewal projects linking together social and environmental aspects.

Enzo Pelosi Lawyer and environmental jurist, founder and owner of the Pelosi Environmental Law Firm, is an expert in the subjects of Italian and comparative Environmental and Energy Law at the Luigi Vanvitelli University of Campania. He is an Auditor / Environmental Verifier and Legislative Expert of the DNV for ISO 14001 and EMAS Environmental Management Systems.

Fabio Pranovi Ecologist at the Department of Natural Sciences, Statistics and Informatics of the Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, he focuses on sustainable management of transitional and coastal ecosystems, particularly with reference to eco-systemic services.

Roberto Turiddo Pugliese Former manager at the Venice communal administration, he gained experience in the field of urban and strategic planning. Since 2011, he took over the responsibility of coordinating several so-called complex projects, especially in the islands of the Northern Venice Lagoon.

Andrea Razzini General Manager of Veritas SpA, environmental services provider. He acted as Secretary General of APV (Venice Port Authority) from 1996 to 2004 and as CEO of VTP (Venice Passengers Terminal) in the period 2003-2004. He has also been Director of RAM SpA (Mediterranean Motorways Network).

Andrea Rumor Town planner, Senior Consultant for Regione Veneto, former director of Immobiliare Srl (a company of the Municipality of Venice) and responsible for the planning and development area and the urban planning area of the Port Authority of Venice.

Giuseppe Saccà Contemporary historian, author of several publications on Venetian history. He conducted research works focusing attention on urban spaces and the policies imagined and implemented to solve the critical issues of contemporary cities by paying special attention on the Venetian area.

Donatella Schiuma Architect with a town-planning oriented education, partner of the professional firm HESC spatial consulting based in Venice-Mestre. She focuses on development planning of infrastructure nodes and, at the architectural level, on eco-sustainable design.

Tiberio Scozzafava-Jäger Landscape planner, graduated at the Berlin Technical University, where he taught and co-ordinated a research about the Venice Lagoon ecology. His Berlin-based planning firm Limesland focuses on environmental and landscape planning, as well as on urban valorisation projects.

Stefano Soriani Professor of Economic Geography at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, councillor of the Italian Geographical Society, director of the School of Economics, Languages and Entrepreneurship for International Exchange. He focuses on ports, port cities and integrated costal management.